Strange to Say

I Love You

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Anonymous asked: the past and the present are the same thing. its too late to do anything about either other than accepting them for what they are and moving on. turn your gaze towards the future and give yourself something better to look back upon later. Future you will be mad appreciative, trust me.

I always seem to break time into three parts. The way I think and visualize things makes looking to the future difficult. Because my memory is so sharp, I find myself running my mind over memories constantly. I’m always thinking. My eyes are open but I’m not always seeing.

Getting lost in your mistakes is hard. Getting lost in what you once had isn’t any easier. I tend to forget that the future can be hopeful.

Thank you Anon. (also, I love that you said “mad appreciative”)

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Sometimes I wish things could go back to the way they were.

Sometimes I wish things could just be different than they are now.

Sometimes I wish things that just can’t be done.

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